SCARE for a CURE Blog

Tuesday, August 9, 2011


I am continually impressed by the variety and passion of the people that make up our organization.
And make no mistake, it is OUR organization. Ours…all of us.

Without a volunteer to dig the power cord out of a box and then someone to string out the power cord, the craftsman with the saw can’t make the cut needed to build the box that the artist will paint to look like a Giant Jack-N-The-Box!
Every single person is needed to make this event a success. Whether they are there for 1 hour or 100 hours, we need every one of you and more.

I stopped a new volunteer as she was leaving this past weekend and I asked her what she thought about her day at SCARE.
She said; “It was a lot of work but I was surprised at how much fun I had.”

That is what we need to hear…
Would you believe that lugging eight foot 2x4’s around in 100 degree heat could be fun????
We make it fun. YOU make it fun. That’s how it works my friends and I’m grateful to be a part of it.

As we move forward over the next few weeks I want it to be foremost in your mind that we are in a marathon, not a sprint.
We need to pace ourselves not just with the heat but with the work load.
Susan Pratt, PJ Fiero, Matt Pinsonneault and many many others are great resources during a BUILD day at the Bunker to go to for help.
Edwin as always is at the LAB.
Michelle and Crystal are ramping up for Costuming
Robin and her team have the jump on Make-up (and Fundraising!!!)
Norma is tackling Marketing (and Fundraising!!!)
Christyn is handling Merchandise.
And many others each have their role.

The good thing and the hard thing about SCARE is that each of us wears many hats. So you may find Matt filling up a water jug even though he’s the BUILD manager, PJ may come by the house to help with the script, Susan may help Debra in the Box and Norma may be emptying a trash can.
We all need to fill in where and when we can so no one has too much of the load.

We’ve changed how we are scheduling BUILD Work-Days;

Friday Evening As announced
Sat Morning 9am-2pm (lunch at 1:30pm)
Sat Evening 6pm-10pm (or later)
Sun Morning 9am-2pm (lunch at 1:30)
Sun Evening As announced

As we move closer to Dress Rehearsal we will most likely nail down a regular Friday & Sunday evening shift but for now I think we are looking pretty damn good.
So find a time to come out and contribute, bring a friend.
Have fun, work hard and help us succeed!!

Most of all, THANK YOU!


Ps. Just an FYI, 2 separate production companies (A&E/Discovery type shows) have contacted us about doing haunted attraction documentaries. Each company has commented on how they have searched the nation for the most interesting and unique haunted experiences and they said; “Nothing comes close to what you are doing at SCARE for a CURE.” The spotlight is about to get awfully bright my friends. :-)