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Friday, October 8, 2010


Join us for a special screening at the Alamo South Lamar on October 12 to benefit SCARE for a CURE!

At the tender young age of 12 years, Emily Hagins created her first film, PATHOGEN. A waterborne bacteria begins turning the residents of Austin into the living dead, and a group of friends must work together to save themselves and their town. Hagins' story became a sensation and the making of PATHOGEN was documented in a feature film, ZOMBIE GIRL.

Now for the first time you can join Emily Hagins along with lead actor Tony Vespe and other cast and crew members in a live commentary about PATHOGEN. Emily was the youngest recipient of the Texas Filmmakers Production Fund, and has since written and directed other horror films including THE RETELLING and PARTY KILLER. At this rate, Hagins should exceed the filmic output of Stephen Soderbergh by the time she's old enough to drink.

Buy your tickets here.

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