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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

SCARE for a CURE makes $15,000 donation to charity

In 2009, SCARE for a CURE volunteers overcame numerous logistical and weather-related challenges to produce a haunt that broke all previous records. On December 5, the organization presented a check for $15,000 to its charity partner, the Breast Cancer Resource Centers of Texas (BCRC). Phyllis Rose, Director of Volunteers & Physician Communication for BCRC, sent the following message to SCARE for a CURE's all-volunteer crew:

Happy Holidays to all the amazing Scare for a Cure volunteers!!!!

We want to thank you all from the bottom of our hearts for your tireless efforts this year in making Scare for a Cure such an incredible success!! We know you faced such challenges what with the last minute move, the rain and more! That you all worked together to pull off this daunting feat with such overwhelming success is a real tribute to the heart and soul of Scare for a Cure!! We are so grateful to each of you who worked such long, hard hours, day after day, week after week. We are amazed by what you accomplished and so honored to be the beneficiary of your generosity, support and hard work!!

Because of you all, we are able to help over 5000 women, men and their loved ones affected by breast cancer this year alone!! We are able to be there for so many whose lives are changed forever by the words “you have breast cancer.” We are able to help women who are facing this challenge without insurance. We are able to help women needing mammograms who can’t afford them, we are able to help women get services they so desperately need because of you. We are able to help the woman who called us facing the horrible decision of either paying her electric bill or buying medications she needed for treatment, we are able to help those women who don’t have transportation to get to their doctor’s appointments, we are able to help women who have no one to be with them at their appointments to understand what the doctor is telling them and we are there to make some sense of it all. We are able to reach out to newly diagnosed women with the comforting totes we provide to give them a lifeline of support through us. We are able to provide the bare necessities of life that so many aren’t able to afford during treatment because of your support. We are able to be there with women undergoing biopsies to provide physical and emotional support. Our Certified Patient Navigators are able to continue to expand their education and knowledge about all things concerning breast cancer to provide the best support possible to our clients because of your help. There are countless ways in which we are able to help those affected by breast cancer because of your support and it would be impossible without amazing volunteer angels like you!!

You all have touched the lives of thousands in your community that you’ve never even met!! You’ve provided that lifeline of support they so desperately needed with your hard work and dedication and we can’t thank you enough!!! Congratulations to each of you for a fantastic success!! Here’s to an even better and blessed 2010!!!

Have a joyous holiday and an abundant and happy new year!!

Indeed, Phyllis, we are delighted to be counted among your "volunteer angels" and to support BCRC’s important work!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

SCARE volunteers turn out for Yule Fest fun

SCARE for a CURE volunteers are not just skilled at creating illusions—they're also extremely generous with their time. So when SCARE sponsor Richard Garriott asked for help in providing a winter wonderland at Zilker Park, they were ready. Garriott donated the use of his “BF SnowMaker 5000” for the City of Austin’s Yule Festival, held at Zilker Park on December 16. SCARE volunteers helped the crew from Custom Creations and Reddy Ice turn 80,000 pounds of ice into “Frosty Fields” for a rare winter treat!

The ice crew - photo by Manda DeeMANDA DEE
SCARE Elf - photo by Helen InghamHELEN INGHAM
photo by Yvonne DaileyYVONNE DAILEY

Snow man - photo by Manda DeeMANDA DEE
photo by Yvonne DaileyYVONNE DAILEY
The SCARE-mobile - photo by Yvonne DaileyYVONNE DAILEY